How to use?

I. How to use MIX MOD 8.0



Step 1. Create an account at here:


Step 2. Select hero or item you want to mod. And click “ADD MIX MOD”.


Step 3. Download Mix Mod software


Step 4. Login with your account. And click Mod Mix.

All action pick, change, remove you can do that on website . When you use other PC, Laptop you just download software, login and Mix Mod, you don’t need pick again the your favorite skin.


Step 1: You can search or click on the hero you want

Step 2:
 Choose the skin / set you want to use. Then click the download button

Step 3:
You have to unzip the file download. After that run QuickMod.exe and Click Mod

Step 4:
Select path game DOTA (Example: my path is “D:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota”)

Step 5:
 Then if you get this message, you are successful. Run and enjoy