Mod Treasure of the Azure Fervor
Update: December 13, 2018
Game: Dota 2 | Platforms: Windows, Mac, VR | Publisher: Valve

Dear friends,
- This is a software help you can mod: Hero Items/Sets, Terrains, Loading Screens, Effects.
- Will you get banned? No, because only you can see them and other players can't. You can try it, if you like you should buy it.

The sets are as follows:

  • Anti Mage – Pledge of the Dragon’s Disciple
  • Bounty Hunter – Creed of the Outlaw Huntsman
  • Faceless Void – The Corruption of Nezzureem
  • Lich – Ascendance of the Rime Lord
  • Luna – Redemption of the Raidforged Rider
  • Phantom Assassin – Cruel Reprisal
  • Slardar – Bestowments of the Centurion Vanguard
  • Troll Warlord – Plunder of the Savage Monster
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